We are a global multi-disciplinary faculty of experts who believe sustainable widely shared prosperity should be the goal of all enterprises.

We provide a platform for progressive thinkers from a broad range of disciplines to share their ideas about the way enterprise of all types must evolve if we are to solve major global challenges and achieve sustainable widely shared prosperity defined in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing. 


Our focus is the search for practical and pragmatic solutions to improve the design and management of the systems upon which we depend to achieve the goal - natural, political, economic, social, technological, educational, health systems, for example. Read the News section for further developments  


Everything we do is guided by a values-based set of principles upon which our manifesto has been developed 

We have a point of view about the future, about what a better future looks like. We have views on how we can make the goal reality. The future as we wish to create it is one in which sustainable prosperity is widely shared, and is measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing, not material wealth.


Enterprises that succeed whilst in pursuit of this goal, guided by the manifesto, can be proud of their success, because it will have been achieved by good and honourable means. Owners, leaders and employees will all be motivated by a stronger sense of purpose. The Manifesto will be published soon. Details        


The faculty of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy is global and multi-disciplinary with experts from academia and practice. 

The Enlightened Enterprise Academy will support progressive ideas from a global network of experts that represent a range of disciplines far broader than any that might be found in traditional business schools. We believe the range of disciplines usually taught in business schools is far too limiting. And the way disciplines are taught by professors in siloed faculties is unacceptable. Additionally, we believe the relationship between management theory and practice is very poor.  

Our faculty will be a mix of experts with deep practical experience in the real world, and those academics that have a strong interest in practice - they sometimes call themselves 'pracademics'.  Details   


We encourage the development of a global Enlightened Enterprise Movement in pursuit of our objectives.

By being a platform that aggregates and shares progressive ideas from a broad range of disciplines, and from all parts of the world, we will ensure those ideas reach a wide audience and ignite a movement. Only if we can achieve this will sustainable widely shared prosperity be achieved. The Millennium Development Goals were not achieved. The Sustainable Development Goals that replaced them will not be achieved either. Global systemic problems need to be addressed in a globally coordinated and systemic way. And enterprise, in all sectors, needs to be radically reoriented as part of this effort. It will require Enlightened Enterprises to lead the way. Details        


The work of the Enlightened Enterprise Movement is made possible by a network of supporters

The extent to which we are able to achieve our objectives will depend on the levels of support we attract. So will the speed with which we can bring about the changes needed to deliver sustainable widely shared prosperity. Supporters will come in several forms representing individuals to large organisations and institutions. The types of support will also be in many forms, not only financial. Details  



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