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Earning & Keeping The Trust & Confidence of the Board During a Crisis

Given the Covid induced economic crisis, “CEOs and company boards would be wise to adopt a crisis mindset and way of working sooner rather than later”, this is the advice of Charlotte Valeur, former Chair of the Institute of Directors and CEO of the Global Governance Group. She is an experienced Non-Executive Director and Chair with board level experience in IPOs, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring covering a broad range of sectors. She also has executive experience as an investment banker in Denmark and the U.K.

Charlotte stresses, “a business as usual mindset and approach for boards could be catastrophic, and the difference between the crisis and business-as-usual modes of operating should not be underestimated”.

The crisis will amplify any pre-existing problems in the CEO and Board relationship. And the crisis also requires significant changes to the nature of the relationship even if it was working well. This is rarely appreciated and could present massive problems given the magnitude of the crisis we are facing.

The online briefing series will address serious issues head on. Each session will also be highly interactive, with a limited number of participants in each session. The advice will be immensely valuable. It may well save many CEOs their career. Whilst primarily designed for CEOs, the briefings will also be useful to directors and other executives.

Details of the full program will be outlined in the introductory online briefing, Reservations are essential. Reserve Now.

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