Beyond our current form of capitalism

Last year two fantastic articles in the Financial Times, one by John Plender, and FT Senior Editor and one by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson is the FT’s US business editor were looking beyond the current form of capitalism.

Plender's column is titled, “Shareholders are being dethroned as rulers of value” and Edgecliffe-Johnson’s is titled, “Beyond the bottom line: should business put purpose before profit?

Anyone that has read the previous articles I posted on LinkedIn will understand why I think these two articles are important. Both highlight the problems with our current form of capitalism, and speak of some of the challenges of fixing it. They also suggest that perhaps it cannot be fixed and we need to evolve to a better model. This is the conclusion I came to some time ago, when I started developing the ideas of Valueism and, more recently, Social Contract Accounting. There is no point trying to bandage up a sick patient if the problem is cancer. Continue reading this article which was first published on Medium

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