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We encourage the development of a global Enlightened Enterprise Movement in pursuit of our objectives.

By being a platform that aggregates and shares progressive ideas from a broad range of disciplines, and from all parts of the world, we will ensure those ideas reach a wide audience and ignite a movement. Only if we can achieve this will sustainable widely shared prosperity be achieved. The Millennium Development Goals were not achieved. The Sustainable Development Goals that replaced them will not be achieved either. Global systemic problems need to be addressed in a globally coordinated and systemic way. And enterprise, in all sectors, needs to be radically reoriented as part of this effort. It will require Enlightened Enterprises to lead the way.

It is our firm belief that a growing number of people around the world now recognise the old orthodox ways of thinking, organising and operating are flawed and unsustainable. Enlightened Enterprises understand change is possible and it starts with the actions of each and every one of us. But acting together can also ignite an even more powerful force. 


Enlightened Enterprises are open to new and unorthodox ways, and recognise that we need new tools, methods and ways of thinking, behaving and organising to achieve the outcomes essential to achieving our goals.

Anyone who shares our goals, and would like to be part of the solution not the problem, is welcome to join the movement for change.


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