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21C Theory of Moral Sentiments


The Enlightened Enterprise Academy supports a range of research-focused inquiries in pursuit of our goals.    


The inquiries we support are global, open, research-based and practical in focus. We aim to grow the body of knowledge that will help the businesses, organisations and individuals that support the pursuit of more enlightened approaches to enterprise, approaches designed to achieve sustainable widely shared prosperity measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing.

The first three inquiries will be large-scale, long-term and as international and inclusive as possible. They will also of a scale and degree of importance that should attract some of the worlds leading thinkers, that is my goal. 


Many people will recognise that titles of the inquires are related to the famous works of Adam Smith (1723-1790), the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, considered to be the father of economics. After well over two centuries it is time to revisit and update his ideas to reflect our own times. So the first three inquiries will be:


21st Century Theory of Moral Sentiments

21st Century Theory of Value

The Prosperity of Nations

The names vary from the works by Adam Smith for reasons explained in the pages introducing each inquiry.

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