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The faculty of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy is global and multi-disciplinary with experts from academia and practice. 

The Enlightened Enterprise Academy will support progressive ideas from a global network of experts that represent a range of disciplines far broader than any that might be found in traditional business schools. We believe the range of disciplines usually taught in business schools is far too limiting. And the way disciplines are taught by professors in siloed faculties is unacceptable. Additionally, we believe the relationship between management theory and practice is very poor.  

Our faculty will be a mix of experts with deep practical experience in the real world, and those academics that have a strong interest in practice - they sometimes call themselves 'pracademics'.

Soon we will start announcing who the initial faculty members are, but we will continue to welcome applications from anyone that supports the objectives of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy and feels they can contribute to our goals based on their knowledge and experience. Applicants can be from any disciplinary background, but should recognise the value of multi-disciplinary ways of thinking. 

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