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Donating as a way of supporting the Enlightened Enterprise Academy will help expand our range of activities and publications in pursuit of our goals - to foster acceptance of the belief that any business, organisation or institution should exist to contribute to the achievement of sustainable widely shared prosperity, measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing. And, to help them fulfil their social contract obligations whilst also pursuing their own objectives. Find out how to donate any amount £5 or more and see the benefits. Details

If you would like to support our work on a regular basis by making a regular monthly or annual contribution, affiliation is available from £5 per month. A range of benefits are offered in return. Details

Our Individual Patrons support us with an annual contribution of £500 per annum or more, and are offered a range of benefits depending upon the value of their contribution. Corporate, Organisation and Institutional Patron's support us with an annual contribution of £1000 per annum or more for a range of benefits that caries according to the value of their contributions. Contributions can be made monthly or annually. Details

Our partnership programme for businesses, organisations and institutions is designed for those who support and share our aims and objectives, and wish to be at the forefront in pursuit of them. Our partners work with us in a variety of ways, supporting our general activities; specific activities such as inquiries, forums, publication, event programs etc; or new co-created initiatives. In all cases we offer a range of benefits that depend on the value of the contributions made by each partner. Details

We recognise that our patrons or partners may wish to fund specific activities that are more closely aligned with their own interests and objectives. Partners can fund Inquiries, forums, publications, syndicated research projects, event programs or other initiatives on a non-exclusive basis. Occasionally we will also collaborate with partners in the co-creation of new activities that are alighted with our values and objectives, on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Details

Our patrons and partners may wish to sponsor specific event products such as conferences or executive briefings; specific courses, or specific publications, both online and offline. This is possible provided the content if consistent with our values and aims, and providing the Enlightened Enterprise Academy retains independent editorial control over the contents of such products and services. Details

A range of advertising options associate with our products and services are available, separately or as packages. Where available space is limited priority will be given to existing patrons and partners that wish to advertise. And all advertising has to be compatible with our values and objectives. Details