We are a global multi-disciplinary network of experts who believe sustainable widely shared prosperity should be the goal of all enterprises.

We provide a platform for progressive thinkers from a broad range of disciplines to share their ideas about the way enterprise of all types must evolve if we are to solve major global challenges and achieve sustainable widely shared prosperity defined in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing. 


Our focus is the search for practical and pragmatic solutions to improve the design and management of the systems upon which we depend to achieve the goal - natural, political, economic, social, technological, educational, health systems, for example.


Everything we do is guided by a values-based set of principles upon which our manifesto has been developed 


Paul Barnett

Founder & CEO

Paul first developed the Strategic Management Forum (SMF), now one of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy Forums. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the prospect of a second major global economic crisis in little more than a decade, he reflected on what needs to change if a better "new normal" is to be achieved. 

"Everyone seems to be talking about the needs for a new normal and the emerging social contract needed to bring that about. But few people know what the term "new normal" is supposed to mean, and even less seem to have any idea how we might achieve it" Paul argues. Forever the optimist, he adds, "At least it means people are open to new ideas and to change, so let's establish a multi-disciplinary shared vision of a more enlightened approach to enterprise and co-create it collaboratively to address the major global challenges we face".

Paul has long advocated the need for a better form of capitalism which he calls Valueism, and for the idea of Social Contract Accounting. Both are based on ancient philosophical thinking. Valueism says capitalism should create human flourishing and wellbeing, or eudaimonia as Aristotle called it. And the Social Contract concept is said to stem from Plato. They are just two of the many progressive ideas Paul has identified that point to a better future. So he created the Enlightened Enterprise Academy to provide a platform for all the progressive ideas he has identified, and that he hopes to see emerge.     


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